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Busting Common Autism Myths


Let's talk about autism myths - Some of the most common myths out there are: 

"Autism is caused by vaccines"... wrong. 

"Autism is a disease that needs to be cured"... incorrect.

"Autism only occurs in boys"... untrue. 

There are so many common misconceptions about autism out there. 

And despite all the research to debunk these myths, they still persist.

So this week on Making the Shift, Chris and I are going to sit down and bust 5 common autism myths. 

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LIVE Tuesday, January 31st @ 5pm!

On this episode, we're discussing...

✔  The 5 most common myths about autism...

✔ Where some of these myths got their start...

✔ Why it's harmful for these myths to persist...

✔ And more...

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LIVE Tuesday, January 31st @ 5pm!